A vintage Photographic book about Life in sacandaga park 1880-1935

This new book tells the story of life in Sacandaga Park in the Adirondacks through the eyes of photographer, Joseph Dunlop, my grandfather.

150 years ago Sacandaga Park was the destination for over 90,000 people each year who traveled on the train from New York City and surrounding areas. I spent all my youthful summers in Sacandaga learning photography with my grandfather and enjoying the lake. I've collected his numerous photographs, made from tintypes, glass negatives and film, in this book that I'm excited to share with you. As an early photographer, my grandfather had a unique perspective on life. His story and the story of Sacandaga Park is beautifully captured in his photographs. Please contact me if you'd like to order a book.


Sacandaga Park in the Adirondacks is rich with histroy. You can learn more about the area by visiting these web sites.
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